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The road we've taken

Our Story

U.S. Polyco is an asphalt technology company producing specialty polymer-modified asphalts for the roofing and paving markets. Our roofing products include customized lines of sealants, coatings, and adhesives. We meet with our customers to create solutions to common and uncommon problems including, shingle blow offs, blistering, lower temp applications and waste reduction.

Through our technology and product development U.S. Polyco developed a tire-recycling technology and process for paving. pavAeon is an environmentally friendly paving asphalt integrating the use of post-consumer and commercial tire rubber.

We look forward to providing or customizing a high performance polymer-modified asphalt product just for you.

Our Core Values

Our Values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world. We strive hard to live our values every day for our customers, co-workers, and vendors.

  • Honesty

    U.S. Polyco takes a different approach to the way we do things than other companies. We hold ourselves to a standard unmatched by others. We are Honest with our customers on the quality of material we sell.

  • Sustainability

    Our company wants to do more than just be successful. We want to build a foundation that supports continual growth in the market. We do this by developing products with recycling capabilities along with recycling initiatives at each of our facilities.

  • Integrity

    We maintain strong ethical standards throughout the core of company. Our employees provide quality and honesty behind every service provided.

  • Charity

    We support Michael E. Thornton’s program for veterans and their families and support local community programs for our growing youth.

  • Hard work

    We put everything we have into our products to make sure our customers receive the superior service and product we promise them. And we keep our promises!

  • Legacy

    It is our goal to create a self-sustaining business model and produce environmentally sustainable materials for our employees and all future generations to enjoy future employment and a green future.

Our lab

At U.S. Polyco we strive to work closely with our customers to provide solutions and enhance your product performance and profitability. With a strategically combined technical team, a new level of expertise, coupled with significant lab resources, we have the capability to provide our customers with accurate and timely results.

Our facility

U.S. Polyco’s PMA facility provides assurance that your product gets to you wherever you are, whenever you need them. Built strategically in central Texas, our vast and sophisticated facilities are able to ship nationally by the truckload or rail service. Our newest Terminal in Texas has 6 rail connections throughout the United States.

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Our Brands

The Right Solution for Your Project

Custom line of adhesives specially designed to provide flow resistance, spread, and wind uplift.

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Sustainable paving technology recycling post-consumer tires increasing the life of pavement and color retention.

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Modified shingle coating is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional oxidized coating asphalt. Even our base product boasts some of the strongest impact resistance known.

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