Joseph Bruns

Chief Research & Technology Officer

What does a typical day look like for you at Polyco?

My primary role is to assess the market needs for technology as developed by the company. I then take that information and package it into modules, projects, initiatives or directives. 

What are you most excited about at Polyco?

What I get most excited about is working with our team and helping them learn, understand and gain new capabilities. I also enjoy pulling our team together and solving problems that come our way. The other thing I like is identifying new opportunities and going through the whole research process.

Why is sustainability at Polyco important to you?

We want our children to have the resources to build the life they want. They may want a different life than we had. My goal was to have a McLaren, but my daughter may want a nice little cabin by the lake that’s not polluted. We need to stop limiting their future and create opportunities for the next generation to make their own decisions.

What does the future look like for you? 

The future of Polyco is one that is still in our hands. We decide which direction we want to go. We have existing businesses in the roofing sector, and have been at the front edge of that, developing technologies that make them more efficient. On the paving side, recognizing what’s important to different markets and tailoring our products to them is something that’s exciting and new.

What did you do before joining Polyco?

During college, I had the opportunity to work with a company that introduced polymer modified roofing products to the United States. It was this experience that exposed me to the fun of making new things and growing a company. When the company was acquired, I became the Director of Commercial Research for GAF. My career then transitioned from roofing to polymers, refining and, finally, asphalt paving with Total Energies. Having finished my MBA, I then moved to their corporate headquarters in Houston to become their Senior Financial Analyst. In 2012, I returned to my asphalt roots and joined the Polyco adventure! 

What do you love to do outside of work?

It’s always something different. You could find me doing manual things like working on my fence or truck. And then later in the day, I could be getting ready for my next hunt or playing with the gunpowder charge in my rifle to optimize my accuracy. When I’m indoors, I may be building a new gaming computer, upgrading security on my home network or trying to become a proficient programmer on Python. The one constant is spending time with my daughters — either going to a baseball game with my oldest, Savannah, or shooting hoops with Hope. 

“The future of Polyco is one that is still in our hands. We decide which direction we want to go.”


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