Our experts share their thoughts on asphalt sustainability, innovation, safety and creating a culture of care.

What Success Looks Like in Roofing

Of all the materials in a home, roofing shingles are exposed to the harshest natural elements. Our impact-resistant asphalt roofing solutions are used to create state-of-the-art products that mitigate damage from wind, rain, sun and hail. With formulations that resist winds up to 190 mph, roofing shingles made with Polyco adhesives and sealants stay in place keeping property owners safe and dry.

Powered by our patented Rapid Digestion ProcessTM (RDP), Polyco provides roofing partners with sustainable roofing solutions that can be customized to enhance the performance of shingles. We have developed several patented and patent-pending technologies that improve the performance of asphalt shingles:


An asphalt modifier made from upcycled tire rubber that can be easily added to any manufacturers’ solutions, resulting in a sustainable alternative to modified shingles that meet impact ratings.


A ready-to-use solution of PolyFlex+ that can be easily added to manufacturers’ existing processes, this sealant delivers superior impact resistance and sustainability, resulting in a Class 4 end product.

A turnkey solution for asphalt shingle manufacturers who need enhanced performance and sustainability. The result is a sturdier shingle made from recycled materials.

Improvements in the weathering performance of roofing shingles reduce insurance rates and overall ownership costs while adding real value to the home—a win-win for our manufacturing partners and homeowners, alike!

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