For more than 25 years, Polyco has provided our roofing partners with consistency, reliability, safety, deep expertise and a strategic advantage in the market. We were the first to engineer roofing solutions that reduce blow off, enhance performance and lead to the production of longer lasting asphalt shingles. With sustainability at our core, we continuously innovate to reimagine the use of resources that meet the needs of the future.


is a truly unique asphalt shingle sealant that can be customized to meet your manufacturing needs.


is a ready-to-use solution that preserves the composition of asphalt shingles with a sealant that delivers superior impact resistance and sustainability.


is one of the strongest adhesives on the market that enhances granule adhesion and sustainability.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Only our patented Rapid Digestion Process (RDP) liquefies ingredients into a sustainable, homogeneous concentrate – upcycling rubber tires into a performance-enhancing additive. RDP closes the loop in the roofing lifecycle by enabling asphalt shingles to be upcycled again and again.


Performance that Lasts

At Polyco, we reimagine the use of resources to engineer longer lasting, high performance products that power a circular economy. We continuously innovate to provide our roofing partners with consistency, reliability, safety, deep expertise and a strategic advantage in the field. Polyco is positioned to meet the needs of the future by enabling customers to optimize their asphalt supply today.

Our high impact roofing solutions ensure the highest level of performance. Exceptional granular adhesion reduces blow off while superior resistance to the harshest of weahter conditions ensures shingles stay intact longer.

What’s Inside Matters

A shingle is only as strong as the materials it’s comprised of. See how our roofing solutions fit within your shingle construction.



We look at Polyco as a part of our team, an extension of our research efforts. They have asphalt in their blood.
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Our experts share their thoughts on asphalt sustainability, innovation, safety and creating a culture of care.

What Success Looks Like in Roofing

Of all the materials in a home, roofing shingles are exposed to the harshest natural elements. Our impact-resistant asphalt roofing solutions are used to create state-of-the-art products that mitigate damage from wind, rain, sun and hail. With formulations that resist winds up to 190 mph, roofing shingles made with Polyco adhesives and sealants stay in …

The Secret to Impact-Resistant Shingle Performance: Polymer Modified Asphalt

As we experience more severe weather events, quality roofing materials are more necessary than ever. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety’s (IBHS) roof shingle hail impact ratings provide one way to assess products’ performance under tough wind and hail conditions. What do the top-performing shingles on the list have in common? Many use …