Since 2014, Polyco has improved the longevity of pavements across the Western United States. 

Our innovative asphalt modifier, SigmaBond, sustainably enhances the performance of hot mix — from California and Arizona to Nevada and New Mexico and beyond. SigmaBond enables the use of more upcycled materials to create customized asphalt formulations that meet all state specifications. Incorporating end-of-life tires into asphalt pavements is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for the long-term performance of roads. SigmaBond is contributing to a sustainable infrastructure in the West today to ensure a brighter future for the region.

For Contractors

SigmaBond is easy to work with. Not only is it the only PG-TR that can be compacted with a pneumatic roller, it's compatible with standard paving equipment. Additionally, SigmaBond eliminates binder variability and manages viscosity when RAP is added.

For Terminal Operators

SigmaBond is versatile. It can be blended with any asphalt stream and offers indefinite storage stability with no physical changes. Additionally, SigmaBond reduces tank maintenance by eliminating tire rubber settlement.

For DOTs

SigmaBond is made to meet all state specifications. It is the only rubberized asphalt binder that improves low temperature performance with increased TR percentages. Additionally, SigmaBond enhances safety and performance, resulting in pavements that stay darker, longer.

SigmaBond Performs Across the Country

SigmaBond has been rigorously tested to ensure long-term performance. Time and time again, SigmaBond has been proven to significantly enhance fatigue resistance and thermal stability. 

  • On NCAT’s test track, PG76-28SR binder mixed with SigmaBond at 20%+ TR and 20% RAP resulted in no cracking after ~2 million ESALs and < 5mm of rutting.
  • An independent study by the University of Nevada, Reno found that SigmaBond samples with 10% tire rubber significantly increased cycles to fatigue, resulting in a 10% – 25% reduction in construction cost per lane-kilometer.
  • Binder tests performed at Polyco’s R&D facility showed resistance to thermal cracking, reduced block or fatigue cracking and a drastic improvement in low temperature performance.

High-traffic performance in Southern California

A busy Santa Ana roadway was repaved in 2014 using a slurry seal incorporating SigmaBond in its TRMSS emulsion. Nearly a decade later, the SigmaBond slurry seal remains intact despite heavy traffic volumes. This project improved durability and consistency of the pavement without compromising performance.

Sustainable success for neighborhoods in Northern California

Multiple private communities near Sacramento and Stockton — including Rancho Murieta, Los Lagos and Brookside — recently utilized SigmaBond PG-TR binders for repaving projects. Contractors noted that SigmaBond provided comparable workability and pneumatic roller compaction to conventional binders. The half-inch dense graded overlays show no deformation to date and retain their dark black color.

Optimizing road construction in Arizona’s most populated county

Since 2014, Maricopa County has integrated SigmaBond into multiple paving projects to enhance performance and sustainability. SigmaBond PG-TR binders provide “plug and play” functionality, with contractors praising the product’s ease of use and performance.

Enhancing the performance of hot mix asphalt, sustainably.

For the paving industry, SigmaBond translates into sustainability, safety and cost savings. Pavements are better protected and stay darker and smoother longer — improving driving conditions for all. See how SigmaBond enables the use of more upcycled materials in the paving lifecycle to build a sustainable infrastructure.


Sustainable Success

  • The excellent performance of the first 3 years of the TRMSS in terms of no reflective cracking, no scuffing, no raveling and no bleeding indicates that the TRMSS would very easily offer another 4-5 years of excellent performance.
    City of Buena Park
  • We need to raise the bar as an industry — SigmaBond ensures that asphalt endures and performs.
    Hotmix Producer
  • The use of TR-modified asphalt as a tool to improve performance in California dense graded mixes is very exciting as we evolve to balanced mix design (BMD) and emphasize on improving the age and crack resistance of our pavements.
    Jeffrey Buscheck, R&D Engineering Manager at the UC Pavement Research Center


Our experts share their thoughts on asphalt sustainability, innovation, safety and creating a culture of care.

Polyco makes inroads into Northern California

For years contractors in California have tried to incorporate used tire rubber into asphalt to extend the life of their roadways but with limited success. Recently, Polyco landed contracts in Northern California to assist with several paving projects powered by our proprietary Rapid Digestion Process™ (RDP), SigmaBond a revolutionary asphalt that enables hot mix contractors to …

SigmaBond Has a California State of Mind

A Note from Polyco: We have enjoyed working with independent asphalt consultant Skip Brown, bringing SigmaBond to Northern California. Read more about why he raves about Polyco’s product to his clients.  My family had an asphalt business for over 70 years, started by my father, so I’ve been in this industry my whole life. I’ve …

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