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pavAeon is a new tire-recycling technology that raises the bar on both process and quality. Binder consistency is substantially improved compared to conventional tire rubber products. This is achieved by using advanced manufacturing controls to handle raw materials, tire rubber, and the application of our innovative tire rubber digestion process. Consistency of every batch, every time.

Improved batching control provides a consistency in our binders allowing contractors to maximize mix quality and performance. A consistent binder gives a uniform viscosity that works well for HMA and WMA. This binder removes free rubber, keeping storage tanks clear of rubberized settlement. 

Our Binders

We provide more than just your average binders. Our binders are designed with our own RDP process to incorporate the addition of tire rubber and stabilize with our SEC, polymer-modifier to retain their carbon black, increase crack resistance and prevent shoving and rutting, all while meeting DOT specifications.

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Our Emulsions

Our emulsions provide a competitive sealant to the market. Created with our custom RDP process and blended with post-consumer recycled Tire Rubber, our emulsion has good application properties. The integration of tire rubber reduces the oxidation and creating a longer lasting surface.

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Crack fillers & Sealants

Our crack fillers are strengthened with our unique polymer-modified SEC strengthening the bonds between the filler itself and the road, reducing opportunities of further damage. Our sealant line is also strengthened with our RDP and SEC to successfully bond a fresh dark surface to your underlayment. 

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