Our experts share their thoughts on asphalt sustainability, innovation, safety and creating a culture of care.

Building Better Pavements in Texas since 2014

Attending TXAPA’s Annual Meeting this week inspired us to reflect on our impact in the state.
For almost a decade, our signature asphalt modifier, SigmaBond (which is manufactured right
here in Texas), has improved the longevity of pavements with qualities that enhance
performance across the state’s unique regions. Join us as we explore how SigmaBond builds
better pavements in Texas.

Resists Cracking
While Texas is no stranger to the heat, the harsh climate (coupled with heavy traffic) can take a
toll on pavements if not remedied. Adding SigmaBond to any grade of binder binder is a
proactive way to reduce cracked pavements. Tests run by our R&D lab showed resistance to
thermal and fatigue cracking as more SigmaBond was added to the mix. Additional testing done
at NCAT resulted in no cracking
— outperforming other standard grades. Even with the rare
cold snap, SigmaBond has been proven to drastically improve low temperature performance
with increasing percentages of tire rubber in the mix.

Enhances Safety
In both rural and urban environments, road conditions are vital to public safety. Emergency
vehicles can’t afford to be held up by road closures and commuters need smooth, clearly
marked roads to stay in their lanes. SigmaBond protects pavements, keeping them darker and
smoother longer. Additionally, SigmaBond releases the carbon black present in tire rubber to
enhance striping contrast and reduce discoloration.

Improves Sustainability
By enabling hot mix contractors to use more upcycled materials in their mix design, SigmaBond
is contributing to a more sustainable infrastructure. Roads paved with SigmaBond, like this one
near Dallas
, outlasted the same grade of asphalt (without SigmaBond) and continues to surpass
performance expectations. With less maintenance needed to upkeep roads, SigmaBond has the
potential to lower construction costs per lane-kilometer by as much as 10% to 25%!

As we reflect on our roots, we’re proud of the paving performance we’ve delivered to Texas for
almost a decade. But, we’re not hanging up our hat yet! Partnerships must be forged between
contractors, terminal operators and TxDOT to raise the bar as an industry. In the meantime, we
will continue innovating sustainable ways to build roads that are Texas tough for decades to

Learn more about the value we bring to Texas paving and the benefits of SigmaBond here.