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Paving the Way for Sustainable Streets in Fort Worth

We recently partnered with Texas Materials (formerly TexasBit) to pave city streets in downtown Fort Worth using their multi-purpose asphaltic concrete, MAC Mix. The project resulted in a dense graded ARHM with a smooth, dark finish — but the kicker here is that the asphalt mix included up to 11% RAS and 18% PG-TR thanks to our SigmaBond binder!

Because SigmaBond contains fully digested tire rubber, its liquid form can seamlessly be added to any asphalt blend (including MAC Mix) without clumping and clogging spray nozzles on the job site. This feature eliminated the need for an additional modifier, enabling the construction crew to complete the project more efficiently. In addition to its superior workability, SigmaBond enhanced the amount of recycled materials that could be put back into the road. 

Using SigmaBond enabled Texas Materials to increase the percentage of tire rubber in their mix well past industry standards. This translates into more than 18,000 tires that were diverted from landfills and reused for this paving project alone. Not to mention the recycled asphalt shingles that were repurposed as well. Imagine the impact if all of Fort Worth was paved using MAC Mix with SigmaBond?

While the environmental impact is notable, the performance and long-term benefits of using SigmaBond to enhance a product like MAC Mix is equally important. SigmaBond has consistently proven to strengthen pavements both in the lab and in real world applications, resulting in roads that last longer and that need less maintenance to upkeep. Not only is this a win for cities with heavy traffic but also for taxpayers who are footing the bill.  

In Fort Worth, we look forward to seeing how well this pavement holds up and collaborating with Texas Materials again in the future on similar projects. By the looks of this road, it’s already off to a great start!