Our experts share their thoughts on asphalt sustainability, innovation, safety and creating a culture of care.

Answering the Call: Where Roofing and Sustainability Meet

It’s what’s inside that counts. The quality of a shingle is only as good as the materials it’s composed of — and shingle manufacturers have been put on notice. More accountability is being demanded of the roofing industry, with an emphasis on expanding sustainability measures.

For more than two decades, our roofing partners have relied on our expertise to give them a strategic advantage in the evolving asphalt shingle market. With sustainability at our core, we are helping manufacturers meet demands today while looking toward the future. 

Use more recycled materials

There are 41 million scrap tires that end up in landfills every year, according to a report by the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association. To combat this wasteful problem, we developed the Rapid Digestion Process™. Our patented technology completely liquefies scrap tire rubber and combines the resulting concentrate with asphalt to create performance-enhancing additives. By enabling up to 50% tire rubber in the mix, virtually every layer of a shingle could contain more recycled materials.

Close the loop in the roofing lifecycle

As more manufacturers are taking asphalt shingle recycling into their own hands, RDP can help reduce the burden. When it’s time to replace a roof, the recovered asphalt shingles can be remanufactured with sealants, adhesives and coatings containing liquefied rubber. Using modified shingles made from RAS with waste tires opens up possibilities within a circular economy and further closes the loop in the roofing lifecycle.

Construct more durable shingles

In many regions across the country, sturdy shingles are more than a nice-to-have — they are a requirement. This is especially true for states like Florida, where shingles must be able to withstand the uplift from Category 5 hurricane-force winds. Our roofing solutions have been tested to reduce blow off and resist dents/ridges, tears and granule loss. In fact, many of our roofing partners have received excellent hail impact ratings from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS). The measurable performance is a testament to the quality we deliver.

Extend the life of roofs

Engineering longer-lasting asphalt shingles leads to a longer-lasting roof — which benefits consumers, builders and manufacturers. Addressing problems under warranty are costly for contractors and manufacturers, not to mention a hassle for property owners who have to live under a failed roof. By extending the use life of modified shingles, roofs don’t need to be replaced as often — which diverts waste from landfills.

While our roofing partners have taken great strides to stay ahead of the curve, there is much on the horizon. Sustainability will continue to take precedence — with an increasing focus on Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications and reducing our overall environmental impact. As we continue to keep a pulse on the roofing industry, we will push forward with innovations that meet and exceed demands.