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Customer Service Drives Success at Polyco

In an industry that is hyper-focused on the product, maintaining solid customer relationships is vital to our success. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of every customer at every location is extremely important to our business. It takes all of us — from our sales and technical teams to operations — to ensure our material is delivered on time and in spec. How do we do it? It starts with trust.

Being transparent with our customers helps foster that accountability. When a customer service email is sent to Polyco, it not only goes to my department but also logistics, operations and the spec team. There’s a whole team to back me up to ensure our customers are taken care of. Once an order is placed, I follow up with our internal teams before confirming the order with our customer. Whether customers need a rush order or are stockpiling a month out, it’s our responsibility to be mindful of their unique ordering processes. 

We are flexible and amenable to meet our customers’ needs, so there aren’t any surprises when we send a BOL or invoice. Being small (but mighty) has its advantages. We can more easily modify hours and personnel availability to accommodate receipt, offload and load times.

We also have great relationships with our carriers — some of them have worked with us since the company’s inception. Once we get a carrier nailed down, we follow up with our customer orders to confirm logistics. Weekly check-ins are vital to ensure orders stay on track. Once orders are shipped out, we stay in open communication with our carriers daily in an effort to avoid delays. The entire process is monitored all the way through delivery and invoicing.

It’s an honor to work alongside a great team to deliver amazing customer service. I look forward to helping Polyco continue to foster our customer relationships as we move the needle on sustainable performance asphalt products.

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