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Meet the Team: John Lopez

John is truly one of a kind. A native of Ennis, Texas, he’s one of Polyco’s first employees — having worked with us for the past 13 years. Today, John is a technician in our Research and Development Lab, where he conducts research on polymers and asphalts, crosstrains new team members and more. We spoke with John about his long career and what he’s looking forward to doing in retirement. 

What was it like to work for Polyco at the Ennis plant in the beginning?

I wore multiple hats – I cleaned, loaded trucks, made batches, everything. It was fun at the time. I’ve really seen it all! 

How would you describe your job now?

My role is to assist with everything from getting materials and checking specifications to research, training and safety. 

What has been your favorite part about working for Polyco?

I like supervising and teaching people. I liked the people who started with me, and I enjoy my colleagues now. In our lab, we have people who speak five different languages. I think that’s so cool. Polyco is also family-oriented. My son even works here!

What are you looking forward to once you retire? 

I want to spend more time with my family and grandkids. I have three grandsons and a granddaughter — the youngest is 5 and the oldest is 25. Soon, my wife and I will be married for 45 years!

What’s your favorite food?

My wife’s homemade enchiladas, rice and beans. It’s the real deal.

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