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The Sustainable Benefits of Terminal Rubber Modified Slurry Seal (TRMSS)

In my last post, we outlined the nuances between different types of slurry seals. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of terminal rubber modified slurry seal (TRMSS) and the significance of it for our partners in California.

Using up to 80 percent more aggregate per square yard and containing 50 percent more asphalt than other rubberized slurry seals, TRMSS has revolutionized the cationic rubberized slurry seal. It delivers the durability of conventional slurry seal in addition to the rich, black color and environmental benefits of tire rubber modified emulsion.

Unlike other applications, TRMSS can be used year round and achieve the same performance — regardless of the weather. It doesn’t crack in the cold or soften in heat. Since TRMSS doesn’t soften, it does not lead to power steering marks. This is especially important for our paving partners in places like Southern California, where summer temperatures are regularly over 100 degrees! Additionally, because the rubber from the tires interacts with the asphalt, we no longer need to add latex to prevent tracking.

Even with all of these unique qualities, applying TRMSS is no different from applying other slurry seals. The same conventional slurry seal machinery is used. And because it is a sealant, which goes on top of the pavement, the benefits of TRMSS can be gained without destroying the road.

Did you know that more than 40 million tires are thrown out in California each year? TRMSS is an effective and beneficial way to divert this waste from the landfill – about 80 tires per lane mile! With a 75 percent faster production process than other slurry seals and a quick set time, TRMSS can also be applied efficiently and with fewer resources. TRMSS also has superior resistance to UV oxidation and aging, so it lasts years longer than other products. If you regularly pave in warmer climates and are seeking a sustainable, cost-effective solution, TRMSS is a great option to extend the life of your roads.

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